The Sex Purchase Law: «But he isn’t wearing anything at all!»

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Have you ever read the fairytale «The Emperor’s New Clothes»?

«The Emperor’s New Clothes» is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, a child cries out, «But he isn’t wearing anything at all!».

An increasing number of people in Norway are starting to see through the evil and say to the Norwegian moralists the same words as the child dared say to the naked emperor in the fairytale: «But he isn’t wearing anything at all!».

Year after year, people have been listening to the Norwegian moralists´ propaganda and bigotry. With help from religious communities and the media, they have managed to create a scary illusion for a numb and helpless Norwegian people. Citizens have become an audience to the moralists´ misleading scaremongering about “victims” of sex work.

It is in the nature of a moralist a desire to remove something he or she doesn´t like. Recently, this moralistic mind game has become more and more unmasked. And like in the fairytale, their arguments are left with no clothes on – naked, embarrassing and fraudulent.

The philosopher Penny Gelder has described the Norwegian sex ban (the so-called Sex Purchase Law) as «a wicked and surreal modern time castration and a mental genocide».

Did you know that children and young people in Norway grow up in a society in which they learn that consensual sex is prohibited? The damage of such education is mind-boggling. More and more people are becoming extremely angry and feel that their private sphere is violated. It is very easy to explain, in a factual and logical way, why this law is one of the greatest assaults on humanity ever. When moralists and their arguments are revealed in the media, a lot of Norwegian eyes are forced open.

So, why doesn´t Amnesty International or the United Nations take solid action, demanding the Sex Purchase Law to be removed immediately? I know people around the world who refuse to eat food from Norway because they get a bad taste in their mouth and they deny to support a country that violates 12 human rights openly.

The Sex Purchase Law violates absolutely all citizens in a country where it is in effect. Not only sex workers, because any kind of sex is in fact a trade or transaction. Thus, any consensual sex would logically be illegal.

Google Translate is a great thing, especially if the international community can be informed about what is happening in smaller, unsophisticated societies. Not long ago there was an article in a Norwegian newspaper in which the reader could observe the human faces of evilness, two parochial feminists (also government politicians) representing those behind this abusive law exposed their fanaticism and horror openly. Without spending time on details, I can say for sure that it was easy to see a connection between complacent looks and the malice behind such laws. I assume this phenomenon is found all over the world.

That Norway reportedly has to wait for a change of government to remove a mental genocide, is not easy to understand – and even harder to accept. The conclusion here must be that both democracy and the UN are a failure since these institutions do not prevent laws based on moralism or unfair brainwashing.

As Penny Gelder says; every second of this law´s existence is a disaster. You actually get harsher penalties having consensual sex than breaking most traffic laws in Norway. Yes, it is true.

When it comes to something as serious as mental genocide, the “new Norway” after the change of government must make several arrests in order to limit the damage as much as possible. I take it for granted that those behind this law shall be punished exactly in line with people who commit physical genocide: with the strictest punishment possible in Norway or, alternatively, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This is only just, because the consequences of the Sex Purchase Law are both of a physical and mental nature, and can be extremely post-traumatic for a number of young and old people.

If politicians can play with human fates as they wish, without repercussions; why should we trust Democracy or Society? Of course, we cannot trust anything based on fanaticism, moralism or religion.

Though, I cannot help but be surprised that abusiveness such as The Sex Purchase Law can materialize in a supposedly enlightened world.

Still, people have been fooled before like in the fairytale «The Emperor’s New Clothes».

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