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A vote for the current Norwegian government in the upcoming election is a vote for a general sex ban

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2013 at 12:25 pm

This is a fact: a vote for the following Norwegian parties – “Arbeiderpartiet”, “Sosialistisk venstreparti” and “Senterpartiet” (the current government coalition) – is in reality a vote for the continuation of the general sex ban in Norway (the so-called “Sex Purchase Law” / “Sexkjøpsloven”).

What political subject could be of more importance than being able to have consensual sex without the interference of moralizing politicians – for yourself, your family and friends?

All people in Norway should be aware of this fact before the election in the autumn of 2013.

I am not especially occupied with politics, and definitely not with specific political parties. However, I have done some research about the political situation in Norway, and I have to let you know.

I hope this fact will be distributed to schools, organizations; well, the whole people of Norway. Because, from an international perspective, a sex ban for a nation is not especially sympathetic.

Of course, the government can follow an obvious recipe to remove a tragic law or read this open letter before it is too late.


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