An obvious recipe to remove a tragic law

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Since the burden of proof has become so infinitely large for the Sex Purchase Law´s extreme violations of the Norwegian people, it should be uncomplicated for the Supreme Court of Norway to create a precedent, declare this law invalid and remove it as soon as possible.

A precedent in this matter will also protect the country from future attempts by moralists and religious people to exploit democracy to gain hazardous power.

The Sex Purchase Law in Norway must be removed immediately because of the following judicial issues:

Because of these factors, one might as well remove this tragic law as soon as possible, because laws based on moral and religion will meet the wall when the day of disclosure comes.

Or better still: remove it immediately to minimize the damage for everyone involved.

With serious aspects such as miscarriage of justice, the violation of the constitution and human rights I assume that the Norwegian government will offer free legal advice to those suing the state or taking civil actions against the people behind it.

So, Norway, what are you waiting for? Take the opportunity to regain respect and fairness.

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