Norwegian trinity blackwashing sex work

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The other day I was made aware of an article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten titled “Misinformation about prostitution” by the author Roar Sorensen.

Finally, there is someone who dares to speak out about the evilness dominating this field in the Norwegian society.

The article points out the “holy trinity” of voluntary organizations, the media and the police who keep blackwashing sex work – maintaining focus on the very small percentage of unfortunate street workers in order to justify their claim that all sex workers are victims of trafficking and that they need help to get out of the system.  In doing this the voluntary organizations receive government funding to keep up their “good work of saving victims”.

Furthermore, Sorensen shows that the sex workers suffer immensely by the stigmatization these insisting groups force upon them. Society in general buys into these groups’ one-sided argumentation and keeps up the harrowing of the sex workers – preserving a grim misconception people have of this occupation.

The author points to serious research in this field – showing that the numbers of  voluntary sex workers, in fact, are very high, and that many of these workers thrive with what they have chosen as a way of living.

Sorensen also includes The United Nations’ published report on sex work (late October) where the conclusion is that countries should decriminalize sex work (both selling and buying) in order to de-stigmatize the occupation,  preventing the spread of HIV and hindering business from going underground.

Funnily enough what Sorensen writes coincides with many of the aspects of the stage play by Penny Gelder: Modern Time Castration.

The article, English Google translation: Misinformation about prostitution
The article, original Norwegian version: Feilinformasjon om prostitusjon


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