Scotland – will its government start violating its people like in Sweden and Norway?

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I have heard that in Scotland, a woman named Rhoda Grant has manged to propose a new sex purchase law. Yes, we are living the so-called modern times, and narrow-mindedness rears its ugly head.

Thank you, democracy, making it possible for unsophisticated wickedness to continue to use you to get power.

Irony aside: If Scotland introduces such a law in modern time, I am convinced that it will only be a question of time before it will be removed again.

But why establish this temporary pain for a whole nation?

I have recently read that in Norway, after 4 years with this very controversial law, the sex purchase law will be removed if a (very much expected) change of government takes place in 2013. I assume a majority of this country’s people has began to feel how violating it is to have its privacy controlled by the state – and how bad this is for the sex worker´s profession and life. It is also difficult to understand how such a law can help society progress and detect any possible victims, when openness becomes subdued, sex workers are stigmatized and sex sale is forced into darkness.

I came across a detailed philosophic analysis / stage play about the situation in Norway, and some “philosophic assumptions” about the real reasons for passing such a law. Perhaps it could be enlightening to consider how such a law works in one country before one just lets the same thing happen to ones own homeland.

Here is the link to the stage play “Modern Time Castration” by Penny Gelder: http://www.pennygelder.com

Read more about this subject at IUSW

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